ODONTOSFERA - dental art stomatology


I am glad to present you our dental clinic and, especially, our wonderful team of professionals who are infinitely in love with their work, constantly improve their skills and perfect their skills in order to satisfy your most sophisticated requirements.

We are grateful that you trust us to take care of your health, and strive to ensure you maximum comfort and safety!

more about the clinic

Our doctors

Osipenko Yuri Valerievich
Dentist-orthopedist, therapist of the highest category. Founder of the clinic.
Dubovik Olena Grigorivna
Dentist orthodontist first category.
Krivshuk Victor Vasilyevich
Dentist surgeon the highest category.
Лисенко Тетяна Володимирівна
Лікар-стоматолог II категорії

We use the best high-tech equipment

Microscope Flexion Cj Optik

Dental surgical microscope with the ability to connect any camera. Used in maxillofacial surgery. Increases the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. Conforms to European Medical Devices Directive 93/42 / EEC.

Apparatus Vector DURR Dental

Development of a leader in the field of atraumatic therapy. Ultrasonic energy can effectively and atraumaticly remove supragingival dental and subgingival deposits. Also, the system is indispensable in the prevention and treatment of periimplantitis.

Physiodispenser Surgik Pro NSK

Surgical apparatus (physiodispenser) with a tip allows you to fully concentrate on the area of operation and contributes to the high accuracy of the procedure. Used in implantology, endodontics and in maxillofacial surgery.

Apparatus EMS Air-Flow Master Piezon

Multifunctional treatment thanks to a combination of PIEZON®, PERIOFLOW® and AIRFLOW® technologies. The device cleans and polishes the teeth during one procedure: removes biofilm, pigmented plaque, dental deposits from the supragingival and subgingival surfaces of the teeth.

Materials and technologies that we use in our work

Implants best manufacturers

Press Ceramics E-MAX (crowns, bridges and veneers)

The latest generation of restoration materials

5 important advantages of our clinic

Diagnostic accuracy

Dental microscope and X-ray allow us to diagnose the problem as accurately as possible and see the smallest tooth defects; quality, accuracy and functionality are synonyms of the Odontosphere

Experienced professionals

All specialists of the clinic have serious practical experience, narrow specialization, experience of 10-20 years of work and regularly improve their skills at qualifying courses and symposia

Quality assurance

Patients' smiles are our goal, therefore we use modern techniques, adhere to technologies and pay special attention to guaranteeing the quality of our work.

Safety and sterility

We practice a careful approach to equipment and dental instruments - the clinic has a three-stage treatment system (disinfection, presterilizing cleaning and sterilization)


ODONTOSFERA is a clinic of modern medical technologies (microscopes, sterilization equipment, computer anesthesia, computer system for orthopedics CEREC 3D are used)