Osipenko Yuri Valerievich

Chief doctor and founder of the ODONTOSFERA clinic. More than 20 years of experience in therapeutics dentistry.


  • 1998 Graduated from the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava
  • 1998 – 2000 internship at the Chernihiv City Dental Clinic
  • 2000 – 2018 Worked at the Chernihiv City Dental Clinic.
  • from 2018 Private clinic ODONTOSFERA.

Participation in courses, seminars

  • 08.06.2017 Course “Modern possibilities of endodontic treatment and post-denture rehabilitation of teeth”, Kyiv, Akademy Dentsply Sirona, lecturer Popov Roman.
  • 01.04.2017 Course “Reanimation Measures in a Dental Clinic”, Kyiv, Center for Special Education.
  • 2017 Course “Architecture of daily admission”, Kiev, School of dental skill, lecturer Krasnogon O.
  • 2016 Course “Implantology – introductory course”, m. Chernihiv, NEO Biotech, DR Shylenko.
  • 19.11.2016 Course “Fundamentals of Practical Gnatology in the Daily Practice of a Dentist Doctor”, Chernigov, TRIDENT Group, lecturer Korytnyuk Oleksiy.
  • 23.10.2016 course “How to Avoid Clinical Failures or Secrets of Using Adhesive Technology”, Chernigov, TRIDENT Group, lecturer Korytnyuk Oleksiy.
  • 22.10.2016 Course “Practical aspects of the clinical pair of odontology”, Chernihiv, TRIDENT Group, lecturer Korytnyuk Oleksiy.
  • 15.11.2014 Course “From endodontics to restoration”, Kyiv, DENTSPLY Endodontic clinical education, lecturer Stanislav Heranin.
  • 23.08.2014 Course “The exact imprint – an accessible way to achieve excellence”, Kyiv, DENTSPLY, lecturer Shilenko D.
  • 24.05.2014 “The Philosophy of Prosthetics”, Kyiv, DENTLINE Training Center, lecturer Masahiro Kuvat.
  • 22.12.2013 “Technologies from Dentsply for qualitative initial endodontic treatment and re-treatment”, Kyiv, DENTSPLY Endodontic clinical education, lecturer Tatyana Ivanova.
  • 23.11.2013 “Art of ceramic restoration. Interdisciplinary Approach in Aesthetic Dentistry. “, Kyiv, DENTLINE Training Center, lecturer Galyp Gurel.
  • 16.03.2013 Course “Postendodontic Restoration for Coferms.”, Kyiv, DENTLINE Learning Center, lecturer Noenko I.
  • 16.09.2012 Course “Removable Prosthetics”, Kyiv, Dental Training Center Fenestra, lecturer Bublai O.
  • 06-07.06.2012 “Evolution of a smile”, Kyiv, DENTLINE training center, lecturer Baburov A.
  • 28.04.2012 course “Endodontic treatment using modern prosthetic nickel-titanium rotary instruments Pro Taper Universal”, Kyiv, DENTSPLY Endodontic clinical education, lecturer Alisa Sidorenko.
  • 14.02.2012 Conference “Modern methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases”, Kyiv, Ukrainian Association of preventive and pediatric dentistry, Khomenko L.
  • 14-15.12.2012 Conference “Modern aspects of orthopedic rehabilitation of patients with dental defects with the use of dental implantation. Interdisciplinary Approach. “, Chernihiv, NMAPO named after L. Shupyk, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. OO Bogomolets
  • 12.11.2011 Course “Practical Endodontics”, Kyiv, DENTLINE Training Center, Rebiriev E.
  • 01.10.2010 conference “Peredacular diseases of the mucous membrane of the mouth and abdominal lining of the lips”, Chernigov, Department of postgraduate education of stomatologists, Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Professor Skrypnikova T.P.
  • 2009р.  course “Around the tooth in 360 minutes”, Kiev, Dental Clinical Center “Stamil”, Krylova Anna.
  • 22.11.2008 Seminar “Predetermined aesthetics in direct restoration”, Kyiv, ZM ​​Ukraine Espertise, doctor Pitalev A.
  • 13.11.2007 course “Metal-free prosthetics”, Kyiv, DeguDent, lecturer Stefan Shalansky.
  • 17.02.2007 Course “Aesthetic All-ceramic Prosthodontics – Technique of Indirect Dental Rehabilitation”, Kyiv, Ukraine, Ukraine Espertise, doctor Peshko A.
  • 23.12.2006 Master class “Aesthetic restoration of the frontal group of teeth”, Kyiv, Ukraine, Ukraine, Espertise, physician Pitalev A.
  • 16.12.2006 Symposium “The Art of Indirect Restoration”, Kyiv, Ukraine ZM Espertise, physician Jurgen Manhart, doctor Peshko A., physician Al Vaning.
  • 23.10.2004 Conference “Actual problems of orthopedic stomatology: modern technologies for achievement of maximum aesthetic result”, ZM Ukraine Espertise, lecturers: doctors Uhrin M., Peshko A., Bahurinsky M., Zablotskyy Ya.
  • 17.01.2000 Course “Restoration therapy with the use of equipment, materials and techniques of the corporation” Dentsply International “USA, lecturer Radlinsky S.
  • 30.10.2021 Course “Total rehabilitation in digital protocols”. Kyiv, lecturer Stefan Koubi